The land of the rising sun

I had a list consisting of three cities I had to visit, while here in Hong Kong – that was Saigon, Seoul and Tokyo. These three cities all had different traits that made them so attractive in my eyes. Saigon had the heritage and history as a part of my second nationality. Seoul had the serenity and the music, which I’ve spent so much of my youth listening to. The last city on that list is Tokyo, which I knew from a young age were a really special country as it appeared in movies, tv and video games. It is the capital in this country, that is the inventors of great companies and brands as Nintendo, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh, so naturally Tokyo was in my top three.

On 16th November I left Hong Kong with my travel buddies Gustav and Leo from Sweden and Jaakko from Finland. The first day spent in Tokyo was spent exploring the Shibuya District and enjoying the surprisingly calmness of the city and the autumn colors, which flourished from the trees along the roads and in the parks. The weather were much like the one I experienced in Seoul; cold, refreshing and Scandinavian-like – it suited us perfectly. We stayed in a capsule hotel, which is mostly used by office workers who work overtime, where it isn’t worth going home, so they might as well stay in a hotel for the night. The suite is just like a coffin, where you have a curtain to give you some more privacy.

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Our adventure on the first day lead us through a park with an old temple in it, the Golden Gai area, where we got drinks at the small “hole-in-the-wall”-bars and chatted up our local bartender and we got to sing karaoke and really get in to the spirit of Japan.

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Japan is known for its strange things – chocolate covered chips, cat cafés and its many gameshows. We were only confirmed with this, when we went to see the Robot Restaurant show, which is psychedelic dance/song show performed with huge robots and an energetic group of performers. The show had different themes which featured many, large robots, which were disguised as snakes, spiders, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – you name it. The show was amazing and was much better than we anticipated. The lights, dancing, music and robots all came together to form this entertaining evening which really encapsulated what I’ve imagined the weird side of Tokyo and Japan is.

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On the third day we hit the Tokyo Skytree and the view from the top is hands down the most amazing view, I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. 360 degree view of Tokyo and as far as your eyes can see there is light. Tokyo is a huge city with so many alleys and roads that twists their way through the landscape.

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My trip to Tokyo concludes my three must-visit places, while I am studying in Hong Kong and wow, what a city. I haven’t even explored 2% of the city, but I can already with great security say that it is one of the most grandest and amazing cities I’ve stayed in. The world-renowned cuisine in Tokyo was amazing – simple, tasty dishes, the people were so polite and you felt well-taken care off from the moment you stepped into a shop or a restaurant and the city itself is calm and beautiful.

Arigatou gozaimasu Tokyo!

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Mit navn er Mogens Nguyen, er 21 år og læser diplomingeniør i Integreret Design på Syddansk Universitet. Som skribent på EDT, så vil jeg fortælle om mit ophold og forløb ved Hong Kong Polytechnic University i efteråret 2017.

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