May the wind be always at your back!

We at Engineers Do Travel would like to bid all students who are going to study abroad a great farewell. Your journey will be an experience for life and to embrace this message we have special guest who wants to say a few words:


You are on your way to travel the world, and I, on behalf of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, would like to wish you an exciting and rewarding stay wherever your destination as a traveling engineering student may be.

Globalization and intercultural experience is part of MHI Vestas’ DNA. Our parent companies are two of the global leaders in wind power and offshore ventures. The Danish Vestas Wind Systems A/S and the Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. We are global, we work closely together across borders. This creates an international atmosphere combined with a pioneering spirit which makes our engineering team special: We all know each other despite different locations. Our univers consists of professionals from nearly every corner of the whole world with many different backgrounds, so for me, as the head of HR & HSE at MHI Vestas, it is natural to support and encourage you to go and let yourselves be challenged by the world and all it has to offer. Here, we all want to challenge and change the wind industry. MHI Vestas encourages and requests international and intercultural experience and competences. As an engineer, this is part of being in a highly professional environment. Go for it!

“Embrace the world, embrace the learning, and remember to embrace life – have fun.”

You, an engineering student, you are embarking on a new and inspiring adventure of your engineering studies. Embrace the world, embrace the learning, and remember to embrace life – have fun. Enjoy the change of scenery. Come back with new input, new perspectives, strong ambitions to grow personally and professionally, deeper knowledge, and a powerful drive to make the right choices and deliver the best solutions.

MHI Vestas Engineers are part of the offshore wind industry which is all about powerful and demanding projects. To be successful, our engineers must be the best. Being the best requires highly advanced skills and professional experience, but it also requires life experience – being a whole person. Dedication, passion and integrity comes from life experience, which is what drives us at MHI Vestas.

Travel the world, have a wonderful and profitable stay and remember to have fun while you’re at it.

Be safe. May the wind be always at your back!

On behalf of MHI Vestas Offshore Wind,
Stine Würtz Jepsen
Head of HR & HSE


Stine Würtz Jepsen

Vice President, HR and HSE
Member of Women on Board, DI – Dansk Industri
Member of Advisory Board, Aarhus Academy for Global Education
Advisory Board Member, Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge i region midt


MHI Vestas Offshore Wind was founded in April 2014. Our mission is to co-develop offshore wind as an economically viable and sustainable energy resource to benefit future generations. We do this through sustainable wind turbine technology, project management, offshore experience and powerful partnerships. The world’s need for sustainable energy solutions and reliable, industry-scale alternatives is as clear as our determination to provide the answers. Our work and approach changes the future for our planet – for the better. We’re proud of that.

Blog-platform where travelling engineering students and engineers can tell about their experiences outside their home-land. Mission: To show the youth that engineering is not just a deskjob but a job with a major potential to explore and get international experiences.

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  • Susanne

    juli 16, 201723:48

    Så spændende, at læse om Kamilla’s erfaring med Brisbane. Jeg var der selv for et par år siden. Første gang i Australien, og jeg drømmer stadig om, at komme tilbage. Brisbane er en af de smukkeste byer jeg har været i. Specielt området omkring South Bank med universitetet og den botaniske have, som Kamilla også nævner. Jeg synes det er en sjov ide, at anlægge en strand midt i byen,som de har valgt, at gøre. Og den er jo godt besøgt. Pøj- pøj med studierne… Jeg skal helt sikkert til Australien igen, og næste gang på en længere varende ferie, end sidst.


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