Goodbye Hong Kong

The end of my exchange stay draws nearer now. It’s almost time to say goodbye, goodbye to this fantastic city and go home. Home to my lovely girlfriend, my family and friends and sleep in my own bed.
Though, it is with a heavy heart I say my goodbyes, as this city has taught me so much about myself, my strengths and my boundaries. It has taught me to explore and be curious. It has shown me wonders and views I’ve never experienced before.


Hong Kong has been a platform for me to meet so many amazing people from all around the world with different backgrounds, accents and views on life. I have eaten exotic foods and seen wondrous and breathtaking sights, that pictures won’t do justice.


I have been able to experience foreign cultures around Asia for instance in South Korea, where I encountered the extreme within politeness and diligence.


In Vietnam I revisited my parents roots and got in touch with my Vietnamese heritage by enjoying the weather, the food and the rich history.


In Japan I had a moment of nostalgia walking through the stores of all the characters and toys from my childhood and also seeing the weird side of Tokyo, which is so famous for.

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In Macau I got to see how the Chinese likes to take it to the extreme when it comes to entertainment, grandeur and pomp.

At PolyU I have gotten the opportunity to gain knowledge within international projects where I have worked with both locals and other exchange students. This has enhanced my overall understanding of my field, while giving me new perspectives on problem solving.

It has been a journey that I could not possibly have been able to prepare for when I left back in August. The stay here has went by so fast and it feels like I just left Denmark. While Hong Kong in its own is an amazing city, this journey wouldn’t have been the same without the great friends I have made, with whom I have shared great laughs, exchanged stories and explored new cities and countries with.

I would like to thank them my boys for all of the experiences and great times we’ve shared together. For every meal, for the late night maccas, for all the beers and soju, for all the hikes and travels and for all the great conversations. I thank you all for what you have given me, which is something money cannot buy.


I want to especially thank my roommate Chaeho who has been like a big brother to me. We have shared some great moments, told many stories and I have learned so much from you. I really hope I will meet you again in the future, where we’ll hopefully share just as good a time as we have done the last couple of months.


Hong Kong is my second home and I will miss her. She has shown me a true metropolis, that feeds you something new and exciting every day. She has shown me to push my boundaries and that life is so much more than materialistic things and more about the experiences and the people. I have learned to embrace my culture and my differences, which has been the essence of my exchange stay. None of the other exchange students I’ve met are alike, everyone has these small quirks, traditions and ways to pronounce things.

If you sit out there as an engineering student and are conflicted on whether or not to do an exchange stay, I cannot encourage you enough to do it. You might think “It’s too hard and requires too much effort”, but all your hard work will pay itself back tenfold. All the worries you might have will work themselves out and you will land on the other side as a new person, I promise you that.

M’goi sai Hong Kong, I will hopefully see you again soon.


Mit navn er Mogens Nguyen, er 21 år og læser diplomingeniør i Integreret Design på Syddansk Universitet. Som skribent på EDT, så vil jeg fortælle om mit ophold og forløb ved Hong Kong Polytechnic University i efteråret 2017.

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